Start your skin care journey

with ElsaGusa


Everything will start off with a consultation session with our skin care advisors. We will introduce a progressive 3 stage program for a healthier skin.

Through the initial consultation, our skin care advisors can assess your skin condition and recommend products catered for your needs.

This is a stage where most outbreaks will happen due to the skin is reacting to the products used.

This is the last stage where our skin care advisor will assess your skin’s condition and we will emphasize on skin refinement example boosting skin repair, tightening of pores, anti-aging, whitening and other refinements.


Knowing your skin types

This is where we will deep dive into the various skin conditions and generally will categorized into 2 main types, sensitive and normal skin types. Which will further be defined into various conditions like acne, redness, flaking and other skin conditions.

Normal Skin

Receptive to all products 

Sensitive Skin

Only selective products


Healthier skin, healthier you.


In ElsaGusa, we believe in both healthy lifestyle and healthy skin care routine. Keeping a healthy life style will not only improve your skin’s condition, it will also contribute to better recovery for all stages of skin issues.

Our consultation will consist of not only skin care routines, we will also find out more on your lifestyle to better understand the current situation. Suggesting adjustments to your lifestyle habits which will also greatly improve your overall well being and with that your skin will be better.

From all of us, we thank you believing in ElsaGusa.

Should you require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Facebook page or visit the ElsaGusa website.